Matt Jennings
Tradebreaker Screenshot


Aggregates NHL news on Twitter and notifies you when they are added. It uses Natural Language Processing to parse the tweets from select NHL insiders and detect whether or not it's actual news. While it's not perfect, it is still a reliable way to be notified within seconds of news breaking on Twitter.

No longer available due to Twitter API changes

Megaman X Eclipse

A Megaman X fan game that my brother and I worked on while I was in high school. I spent many, many hours on trying to imitate the physics of the original game. We were able to release a demo in 2013 with 1 complete level, but we decided to take an indefinite break after that and unfortunately never came back to it. However, it's still one of my most proud accomplishments.

It was originally written in GameMaker, but I’d like to remake it in another engine someday. The video is a fan playing through the level.

svelte-pixi Screenshot


A Svelte framework for creating PixiJS applications

svelte-phaser Screenshot


A Svelte framework for creating Phaser games. It's fairly experimental, but I've been able to make a few example games with it.